no longer a band, now just a website!

Your Mother
PO Box 623
Pleasanton, CA 94566

These records are COMING SOON! You cannot order them! If you order them we will laugh our way to the bank with your money because you cannot follow instructions! DO NOT ORDER THESE! THEY ARE NOT OUT YET!

1995-1999 (One Big Disappointment)
Your Mother
CD (who knows what label)
release date: Hopefully within a year
If you don't have a record player don't fret, a dumb digitally formatted CD containing some of the songs from the vinyl-only records plus a lot of other CRAP (74 minutes total) that we have recorded will appear at some point. Our position on CDs is if they can hold 74 minutes of noise, they should contain 74 minutes of noise. A CD with 40 minutes is an economic failure.
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