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Your Mother
PO Box 623
Pleasanton, CA 94566

NEW RELEASES for you to buy! All prices are postpaid in the US. Email Craig before you send off your money to make sure we have the items you want in stock. If you order 3 or more items, take $1 off because we love you. If you live outside the US email Craig to figure out postage rates.

New Records!
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The Golf Record came out. Two of the worst YM songs, and then another one that is pretty bad. ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. We don't have copies to sell at this point, so don't write us to ask for one.
This isn't totally a "Your Mother" record, but many ex-members of Your Mother are "featured" on it. Stalin Claus Superstar is indeed a rock opera of mammoth proportions. Yes, it is a FOUR CD set, complete with big box and huge booklet. Brought to you by many, including those dorks responsible for S.P.A.M. records.
$12.50 postpaid!!!!
Wow, its finally done! We've been working on this one since 1996! I consider this our finest moment, perhaps our tour de force. Anyway, six songs, all Weird Al covers and great artwork by Alex the Flying Poof.
$8 postpaid!!!!
Six songs, and heck this record isn't half bad! Its rare to hear me actually compliment a YM release, so consider that an endorsement. 2 songs about masturbation (including the long awaited sequel to Greg: Ex-Masturbator), one song about a girl, and 3 other assorted ditties. Fancy black vinyl.
$3.50 postpaid!!!!


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