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Your Mother
PO Box 623
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Records and CDs for you to buy! All prices are postpaid in the US. Email Craig before you send off your money to make sure we have the items you want in stock. If you order 3 or more items, take $1 off because we love you. If you live outside the US email Craig to figure out postage rates.


"Advice For Young Lovers"
split 7" w/Bobby Joe Ebola
7" EP out of print 1999
"The Weird Al-bum"
10" $8 2000
"Making Jogging A Threat Again"
7" EP out of print 1999
"Your Mother/Nancy Vandal Live At The Iron Duke"
CD out of print 1999
"Too Fat For Love"
split 7" with All You Can Eat
7" EP $3 1998
"One Big Inside Joke"
CD out of print 1996
"Sometimes Scott Jones is our Roadie"
All songs are also on One Big Inside Joke
7" EP out of print 1997
"The Golf Record"
7" EP $3 2001
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