no longer a band, now just a website!

Your Mother
PO Box 623
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Ordering instructions!!! Yes, you need to follow some simple instructions.

  • email Craig before sending off your money. If you forget to do this and we're out of the item you want, you'll have to wait awhile.
  • Postage! If you live in the US, everything is postage paid. In fact, if you order three or more items, you can take $1 off! If you order a bunch more, email Craig and he might give you a special deal.
  • Payment! We accept well hidden cash (preferred), money orders and checks. Make checks payable to Craig Billmeier instead of Your Mother. If you send cash, try not to send coins. If you have to round up your order by 50 cents or whatever to make it even, we'll send you some extra stuff that we have lying around.
  • Mail it! Send mail to:
    Your Mother
    PO Box 623
    Pleasanton CA 94566 USA
  • Wait. We try to send out orders as fast as possible, but sometimes we lag.
  • Enjoy, or cry because you wasted your money on some stupid record when you could have bought an avacado!
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