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Our Friends' bands records for you to buy! All prices are postpaid in the US. Email Craig before you send off your money to make sure we have the items you want in stock. If you order 3 or more items, take $1 off because we love you. If you live outside the US email Craig to figure out postage rates.

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Emo Summer "Eclipse"
Bringing back the Cupertino sound of 1995. Clear vinyl, big booklet and more!
7"  $3.50  (Deplorable)  1999

Unit Breed/Reina Aveja "split"
Another installment in the Joe music empire. This time, its a 2-piece (bass/drums) with Joe actually singing, not screaming. Huh? Reina Aveja bust out some loud sludge rock from Florida. They've been called the female version of Ringwurm. Is that supposed to be a compliment?!?! Some have gold vinyl, some have black. Who knows which you'll receive!
7"  $3.50  (Deplorable)  1999

Betty's Love Child "Love and Other Tragedies"
An excellent follow-up to their first CD. A second guitarist graces this CD, and a slightly more refined sound, too. Somewhere between Husker Du and Jawbreaker.
CD  $8  (13th Street Records)  1998

All You Can Eat "Appetite, Sweet Appetite" 
AYCE rip off Guns'n'Roses (Welcome to the Jungle Gym) , Black Flag (Fries Above) and RUN DMC (just raw "It's Tricky" representin') 
7"  $3.50  (self-released)  1997

All You Can Eat "Ballinger"
Craigums "other" band. They stopped playing a while ago, but we still have a bunch of their records! Buy them quick! 
7"  $3.50  (Lil' Deputy Records)  1997

All You Can Eat/Lawnsmell Split
Lawnsmell are from Australia and Rocked. I use the past tense because they broke up to pursue careers in hosting tourist tours through the Aussie outback.  
CD (LP is sold out) $8  (Blueish-Greenish Records)  1997

All You Can Eat/Useless I.D. Split  
Useless ID are from Israel and AYCE are not.
7"  $3.50  (Farmhouse Recordss)  1997

Apeface/Lemming Split 
Apeface are angry, Lemming are mad.  But Joe put it out, so what do you expect? Green vinyl! 
7" $3.50 (Nothing Records)  1994

Betty's Love Child "Angelfish" 
Gruff power-pop with jazzy drumming and Warren Di Martini-style guitar playing.  These guys can even fight!
CD $8 (17th St Records)  1996

Deities "Icon" 
This is Bradley's old death metal band.  All I have to say is "double bass drum." 
CD $7  (self-released)  1996

50 Million "UR2PUNK4ME" 
Don't let the title mislead you.  This really isn't that punk. Aaron Probe says these guys wrote the most touching love song he'd ever heard and that's why he put out this record. 
7"  $3.50  (Probe Records)  1997

This record is incomparable.  This record is HICKEY, and if that doesn't mean anything to you then maybe you should see what we're talking about... 
CD  $8  (LP sold out, CDs still in print)(Probe Records)  1996

HICKEY vs Voodoo Glow Skulls Split
  This record is mandatory if only for the benefit of being up on your scene gossip.  This represents HICKEY, not just their music, but their humor, danger, intelligence, and all-around messed-up-edness.  Comes with HICKEY's "You Bet Your Sweet Ass I'm a Turtle" zine #4. 
7"  $3.50  (Probe Records, benefit for the SF Youth AIDS Foundations)  1997

Matty & Max Split 
Folk music for the Armageddeon.  It is safe to say that neither Matty Luv (HICKEY) nor Max (various SF bars) are typical lyricists.  This goes to show that having a neurosis can be valuable, or at least entertaining. 
7"  $3.50  (Probe Records) 1997

Ringwurm "Domesticate It..."  
The obvious comparisons are Black Sabbath and Clutch, but it still stands ina league of it's own.  This is so heavy, man, I'm tellin' you... 
CD $8  (Probe Records)  1996

Ringwurm "Eject the End All" 
More apocalyptic dirge-core from one of Joe's other bands.  It's the sheer animosity between this group's members that makes this band so menacing. 
7" $3.50  (East Bay Menace)  1997

Various Artists"A Tribute to the Fuckboyz" 
Homage is paid to the late, great Fuckboyz (who later became HICKEY). KPF, the Dread, Woolly Mammoth, 40% Saline Solution, All You Can Eat, Idiot Bitch, Your Mother, and Red #9. Word (for windows, foo!) 
double-7"  $5  (Farmhouse Records) 1997

Various Artists "Another Probe 7" With a Girl on the Cover"  
Previously unreleased songs by Charles Bronson, Fuckface, Plaight, Your Mother, and Yogurt (Aesop and Matty from HICKEY). 
7" $3.50  (Probe Records)  1996

Various Artists  "Death To False Metal"  
Punk bands doing 80's metal songs.  This was conceived long before the resurgance of metal.  And it has, without a doubt, some  of the best renditions of all time.  Most notably the Muscle Bitches doing "Balls to the Walls" by Accept, sung completely in German and clocking in at around 7 minutes.  This also has Fuckface, Schlong, Betty's Love Child, KPF, One Eye Open, HICKEY, Slackjaw, Lost Goat, Your Mother, and tons more.  This record RIPS.  Seriously, some of this stuff is sooo good... 
CD $8  (Probe Records)  1997

Various Artists"How Lovely Nowhere Is..." 
20-some-odd band comp Joe put this comp together sometime in early '95 and it still rules. He's actually in 6 of these bands.  Of the 23 songs, performers include Ringwurm, Betty's Love Child, Woolly Mammoth, Your Mother, Mohinder, Apeface, Shifter, and many more.
A bargain CD at only $8.  (Nothing Records) 1995

Various Artists"Too Much To Ask"  
Aussie comp with mostly Aussie bands, like Lawnsmell and Crank.Covers a fairly wide range of punky-styles, yo. Comes with a booklet even! 
CD  $8  (Rabbit Records)  1997

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