"Tommy Del Mar Learned His English From Reading Thrasher Magazine"

Song to be released at a later date.

Transcribed by Alan

Intro (played behind verses as well)

   G                                   C







   >           >                       >           >

Play the intro 2 times... then the singing starts...

 G                       C

   Tommy tenia justo un nino de Buenos Aries

   G                              C

    cuando saber de la banda de New South Wales.

   G                                C

   Penso que estabanel mas superior, 

   D5                     C5

pero que el caca estaban cantan acerca de?

   G                    C

De que modo estaba supuso saber estaban racista?

   G                                  C

  Tommy Del Mar learned his anglais from reading his Thrasher magazines

   G                      C

and from all that listening to the Ramones.

   D5                           C5

"Como se dices 'Como se dices?'"

 D5                       C5

  So Tommy got smart, Tommy got listo

   G5                  D5

    took a long, hard look at his Thrasher revista.

   E5                        C5

    For every trick he picked up came un punado de palabras.

   G5                                D5

   Su vocabularia outgrew "ollie" y "McTwistas"

   E5                     C5        G            C    G

    "What means this word 'geeks'?"

   G                        C

   Ahora, Tommy has his own band 

   G                         C

 and you'd swear they were from the shores, man.

   G                               C

    I'm talking sudamerica, 

   D5                          C5

 latino North America.

   D5                           C5

  His lyrics are Spanglish and his cars a Volkswagen.


Simply play, first, this 3 chords :   D - Em - C

and then this :

   G                                 C







  G                                 C                                    G








Musical definitions:

 >      : ACCENTUATE note or chord; it means to play it louder.

 H      : HAMMER ON: strike the first (lower) note, then sound the second

          with another finger by fretting it without picking.

 P      : PULL OFF: place both fingers on the note to be sounded. Strike the

          first note and, without picking, pull the finger off to sound the

          second (lower) note.

 ARP    : ARPEGGIO: play the note of the chord indicated by quickly rolling

          them from bottom to top.

 / or \ : SLIDE: strike the first note and then slide the same left-hand

          finger up or down to the second note. The second note is not struck.

Well, that's it... let's end the slaughtering here. Enjoy.

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