"Dinger Sofa"

from the forthcoming YM release "No You Can't Borrow Our Tuba"

Transcribed by Alan

 Intro =====

C#m             B                C#m             B E

|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| B

|----5-----------4---------------|----5-----------4---------------| G

|--------6-----------4-----------|--------6-----------4-----------| D

|------------------------4-------|------------------------4-------| A

|4-----------4---------------4h6-|4-----------4---------------2---| E


C#m             B                Asus2           Bsus4 E

|--------------------------------|--------0---------------0-------| B

|----5-----------4---------------|--------0---------------0-------| G

|--------6-----------4-----------|--------2---------------4-------| D

|------------------------4-------|----2---------------4-----------| A

|4-----------4---------------4---|0---------------2---------------| E


Verse 1 (play with intro) =======

C#m         B          C#m        B

She complains domestic maintenance is not being fulfilled.

C#m             B                     Asus2              Bsus4

The milk is all gone and the heater's at 112.

C#m                        B

 And she just found out something new that had been broke,

C#m              B               A5                     B5  G#

it had been covered up, a remedy ignored.

A5               G#  F#5              E  F#5

 But the fact of it is she probably couldn't do much better

G#5                          F#  G# A5                 B5

at finding herself a roommate (when most people are assholes).

Chorus ======

C#5             A#5              E5              B5 E

|--------------------------------|--------0-----------------------| B

|--------------------------------|----0-------0-----------4-------| G

|--------6---------------2-------|--------------------------------| D

|----6-------6-------2-------2---|--------------------4-----------| A

|4---------------0---------------|----------------2-----------3---| E


 When I get my next roommate, will I have to be babysat

 Like I'm a little brother or some helpless pet?

Or will I have to get those stickers that say "Property of Craig"

and fill their shampoo with "sticky goo" 

(finish with intro...)

Verse 2 (play with intro) =======

C#m          B             Asus2        Bsus4

if you know what I mean. (wink wink - nudge nudge)

C#m           B               C#m          B

Oh, I've heard countless stories about his half-wit roomie.

C#m         B              Asus2     Bsus4

Dishes were disappearing and at the first of the month so was she.

A5                      F#5

One time he was using her phone, with the receiver out side of her room,

G#5                      F#   G#  A5                 B5

And without any notice she dropped out of school, locked her door, and then left town.

(Repeat chorus)

Bridge ======

(palm mute a C#5 chord during two measures and ...)

E5                            B5

When she didn't come back, and he couldn't hang up the phone, 

A5                                  B5

he had no other alternative but to break into her room.

G#5                      F#   G#  A5                 B5

It may as well have been his second closet

G#5                      F#   G#  A5                 B5

because almost everything he found was his:

A5                                  B5

movies, CDs, tapes, clothes, and a box of dirty dishes.

(Repeat chorus)

Outro =====

E |----0---------------0-----------|----0-----------------------0---| B

|--------4---------------4-------|--------4---------------4-------| G

|------------4---------------4---|------------4-------4-----------| D

|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| A

|4---------------0---------------|----------------2---------------| E


E |----0---------------0-----------|0-------0-------------------0---|

B |--------4---------------4-------|0-----------4-----------4-------|

G |------------4---------------4---|1---------------4---------------|

D |--------------------------------|2---------------4---------------| A

|4----------------0--------------|2---------------2---------------| E


E |4-------------------------------| B

|5-------------------------------| G |6-------------------------------|

D |6-------------------------------| A

|4-------------------------------| E |--------------------------------|

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