This is the start of a Your Mother picture archive. There are tons of photos from 1990-1993, and not as many from 1994-2000. I have a giant stack of photos on my desk to scan still, so I'll be putting them up as I can.

Have some embarrasing or fun photos of YM? Email Alan, we'd love to stick them up here.

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Paul's living room, downtown San Jose. New Years Eve, 1995. Mikey and Craig were off touring with Ringwurm, and we played a less than our usual below average set to about 20 people. Pleasanton's local legend Scott Jones, assisting Craig in San Jose. After this show we went to see Hickey at a Steak House, and Aesop poured a pitcher full of piss on some guy.
Knights of Columbus Hall, Cupertino, 1996. The 2nd coolest hall in Cupertino, I'm not referring to the temperature. This picture is fuzzy because it was so hot in there. (MN) Pink Palace, San Leandro, 1996. Aaron once again forgets that he can't play guitar or sing, but demands we let him do both.
Reno, NV, summer 1996. YM and pals Inquisition, from Virginia. Somewhere in Washington, summer 1996. Alex can handle no more of our tour shenanigans, and we drop him off at the nearest airport.
Corvallis, OR, summer 1996. The punkest house in Corvallis was located right across the street from the Sigma Nu frat house. And we wonder why there was "Fuck You Frat Boy" graffiti on the door! Summer 1996. Joe enjoys a scenic view at the start of our US/Canadian tour.
Pirate Cat Records Benefit, some hall, Campbell, CA, 1997. Some kid broke a flourescent light over his head, and Hickey played one of their most painful sets ever. (JJ) Second Harvest Food Bank Benefit, some high school, San Jose, 1997. It was in a huge auditorium with full laser light show. (JJ)

Alan's exciting Devo-esque costume fit well with the laser light show. (JJ)

Craig, building up angst before the show. (JJ)
Craig, releasing his built up angst. (JJ) Australia, January 1998. Four sexy guys, one polluted beach.
Bonnevicci, our resident tortured soul, relaxing in Australia before a show. We ran into Devon Morf (AYCE, What Happens Next?) while down under. Fancy that! Nice beard, Devon!
Mikey's dream come true. Austrialia is a really weird place. New Years Eve, 1999. Nice jacket Alan.
Somewhere in Arizona, summer 1999. LLCA (Ladies Love Cool Alex). Honolulu, Hawaii, summer 1999. This is Louie. He had never heard the term "hessian" before.
The Hawaiian Express Van, summer 1999. Colonel Matthew Von Burink. We did a trade with Hawaii recently, we got Louie and they got the Colonel. San Jose, sometime in 1999. Mikey's classic "look at me, I'm drunk!" pose.
Mikey with his fancy sweater, his fancy beer, and his "look at me, I'm drunk!" pose. YWCA, Palo Alto, December 1999. Our 3rd to last show, and we were already running out of steam! Alex tried to liven things out with a nice 80s extreme skateboarding outfit, I think it just confused people though. (YK)
My glorious pirate strap! This was the last full show I played with this strap, it was stolen during our next, and 2nd to last show, along with my bass. Bummer! (YK) Unfortunately, no one stole those obnoxious pants from Craig. (YK)
Nothing better than a raucous game of twister to lighten up a punk rock show. (YK) Joe tells it like it is. (YK)
Whittier College, Southern California, with What Happens Next and Life's Halt, 1999. Mikey's amp caught on fire at this show. Club Cocodrie, SF, 1999, with Atom and His Package and the Gods Hate Kansas. The singer from TGHK is one of my many doppelgangers.
Beach Club, Waikiki, Hawaii, 1999. Sure, we look happy now, but a few hours later someone was stealing our guitars. Miniature Golf Course, Sunnyvale, CA, 1999. We spent a day taking promo shots for the "Golfing Record" that was never released.
Radio Free Records, San Jose CA, 1998. One of the funnest places to play in San Jose, of course it shut down because rent is so danged high around here. Notice my fingers are nowhere near the strings. Joe's House, San Jose CA, 1998. When Dean and Kim got married, they asked us to play the wedding march for the cerimony. We couldn't figure it out, so I just played the "Death March" from Star Wars on my tuba instead. You better bet they're divorced already.
Pleasanton Vet's Hall, 2000. Alex attempts to wind up the crowd during a particularly boring part of our set. Todd's bachelor party, 1999. Gotta love a good half-naked male-bonding experience anytime you can.
Gilman, 1998, brah. After our attempts to play in Hawaii fall through, we bring Hawaii to Berkeley. Check out that nutty five string bass I'm playing! Joe can't get enough of the beach, especially if it involves painting Gilman. Gilman Beach Party was our first time covering up years of spray paint at the club, and our handiwork was totally desecrated within 2 weeks.
Craig gets all gussied up for Dean and Kim's wedding! No matter how much he tries, Brad can't hide his love for New Zealanders behind Bonnevicci. Wherever we'd go, Brad would always end up smooching New Zealanders. What a wacky guy!
Some people buy their friend's gifts to show their appreciation. We gave Col. Matthew Von Burink his own toilet at Gilman Street in 1998. Tour falls through? Get your suits on boys, we're heading to Reno! 1999.
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