This is the start of a Your Mother flyer archive. I've got a big stack of these suckers still to scan, so I'll be putting them up as I can.

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1/29/94, Hap's Bar and Grill, Pleasanton. Second Coming, YM and Scrotal Earring. Aaron started booking 21+ punk shows at this bar, and after a while the owners let him use the back banquet hall for all ages shows. This was one of them! YM and Scrotal Earring played a tag team set, which reminded us that we probably shouldn't play tag team sets. 1/15/96, Los Gatos Teen Center, Los Gatos. Wynona Riders, Hickey and YM. The cops showed up after Your Mother played and none of the other bands got a chance. Bummer.
1/27/96, Cheezers Pizza, Davis. Your Mother, Fuckface and the Pedestrians. Cheezers was a fun place for shows in Davis, they were always free and the bands got paid in pizza. 1/31/93, Your Place Too, Oakland. I forget what other bands played that night. Your Place Too was a dirty, dingy all ages bar in the crappiest part of Oakland. For some reason they had great shows though!
10/6/95, 924 Gilman, Berkeley. Hi-Fives, Smugglers, YM, The Need, Link 80. 10/9/97, Cactus Club, San Jose. YM, Happy Hour, Podad, Pussy Mansion, Crysis and more. How we suckered into playing the Cactus Club I do not know. This is the worst place to play in all of the South Bay. The tried to charge me 50 cents for a cup of water, and I was in the band that was about to play! What's up with that?!?
10/14/96, Pleasanton Middle School, Pleasanton. YM, Moe Staiano, Human, Dieties and more. This was a "Rage" festival that only middle school kids could attend. We were part of the Battle of the Bands competition, which miraculously we lost. 3/9/95, Knights of Columbus Hall, Cupertino. Fury 66, YM, Betty's Loce Child and the Cavaties. K of C was a great hall that hosted a million great shows, like Los Crudos, Bikini Kill and Karp. It also had a bunch of bad shows, like this one.
12/13/93, 924 Gilman, Berkeley. Into Another, Up to Here, Reach Out, Soul Fire, Your Mother. Classic example of Craig vs Alan flyer creation. The one on the left is Craig, the one on the right is Alan. Craig seemed to like to put Your Mother really big at the tops of flyers, Alan liked to list all the bands in order and make it completely impossible to read. 12/13/93, 924 Gilman, Berkeley. Into Another, Up to Here, Reach Out, Soul Fire, Your Mother. Typical show that we did not belong on what so ever.
3/14/93, Your Place Too, Oakland. Plaid Retina, Schlong, Anal Mucus and Your Mother. A dream show for us, 3 bands we all loved. 3/19/93, Livermore High School Cafeteria, Livermore. Skeptism, Your Mother, Dieties. Sponsored by the Future Business Leaders of America for some odd reason. The school administration was fine with the show happening, until 300-400 metalheads descended upon the campus at 7pm. At the last minute the show was cancelled, and the metalheads were pissed. Cars were overturned, trash cans were thrown, and lots of moshing without music ensued. Craig somehow calmed things down by passing out free candy, something no metalhead can resist.
1/21/97, 17th St, San Francisco. Hickey, Better Than Your Hand, YM, Human Beans and Ringwurm. I don't remember this show at all, which leads me to wonder if I even showed up. 4/1/95, Matt's house, Livermore. The Adverisives and YM. A last minute show set up for our Idahoan friends. Matt freaked out the whole time because he thought his parents might come home from work at any minute.
6/13/98, Back Alley, Fullerton. One Eye Open, YM, Busrider and more. OEO asked us to come down for their last show, how could we resist? We quickly learned that LA sucks balls. We haven't been called "fags" and "queers" so much at any show anywhere. Of course, we were all wearing dresses, but that shouldn't matter. 4/25/97, 924 Gilman, Berkeley. YM, Krupted Peasant Farmerz, Eric Core, Useless ID and the Gut Monkees. The only thing I remember about this show is that KPF wasn't very good at all. They were every other time I'd seen them, but I had to go outside they were so bad.
4/25/97, Cocodrie, San Francisco. Naked Aggression, Hellbillys, YM, Subincision, Nuclear Rabbit, Nothing Cool, Chemical Imbalance, Silence Broken and the B Sides. About a million things wrong with this show: San Francisco sucks. Rock clubs suck. Shows that cost more than $5 suck. A million bands on one bill sucks. The only reason we agreed to play this was so we could make fun of all the gutterpunks that came to see Naked Aggression, and then the guitarist of NA dies the night before. What's up with that?! 5/15/98, Oddfellows Hall, San Jose. YM, Monkey, Sand Dunes, Flathead, Aggro, NME and a million more. Another million band show. Luckily this one was right by my house so I didn't have to be there for most of it. We sucked, as usual.
5/25/98, Club Kaos, Fremont. Insolence, ZBS, Your Mother, Dick. This club was so lame they had pink cadillac INSIDE the club. We had heard there were gonna be a bunch of hair metal bands playing, so we said "sure, why not." We got there and it was Cactus Club metal bands instead, and Zero Bull Shit, who look really tough but are very sweet. The other night I took some photos of the guitar players ZBS tatoos, and he said "these better not end up on the internet or some shit." So as soon as I develop them, we'll make sure you can look at them just to spite him. haha! 7/22/94, Cupertino Library, Cupertino. YM, Stag, Lemming, Idiot Bitch and Burl. Joe was in two of the bands that were playing, but I don't think we knew him at the time. Weird, huh?
7/24/97, Israel. Useless ID, Your Mother. I can't read half the stuff on this flyer! 7/24/97, Israel. Useless ID, Your Mother. I can't read half the stuff on this flyer, but it was printed on nice glossy paper.
7/28/97, Trocadero, San Francisco. DI, Electric Frankenstein, Damnation, Workin Stiffs, Your Mother and Sopa de Muertos. We agreed to play this crappy club because the Muscle Bitches were coming down, and they cancelled. It was a fun show though, there was a HUGE rock and roll stage and we had a full costumed entourage with us. Casey Royer from DI decided he was in our band as well. 8/18/96, Waukesha County Expo Center, Wisconsin. Avail, Los Crudos, Your Mother, 309 Chorus. Awesome show in a huge hall. Two bands that I love in one show!
8/20/96, Fun Luvin, Wisconsin. One of the best flyers I've ever seen. The best part? We were playing on Tuesday, not Monday. 8/23/96, Boise, Idaho. YM, Adversives. We had spent the past week following Avail around the US attempting to jump on their shows. We took a break and went to Idaho to visit our pals the Adversives.
10/25/98, Ryland St Basement, Reno. YM, Fun People. Its always fun to hang out with the Fun People, our favorite Argentinian band. 2/2/97, Pirate Cat Records, San Jose. Betty's Love Child, Useless ID, YM. A cool punk store right in downtown, with a big back room for having shows. Of course it closed down within 6 months.
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